The Map - in partnership with The Coleshill School


A partnership has been formed between The Coleshill School (TCS) and Woodlands School in Coleshill, North Warwickshire, with the support of the local authority, to establish a specialist resource provision to support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. The provision is called The Map.

TCS, a mainstream secondary school, and Woodlands, a generic special school, are neighbours, overlooking each other’s sites. The Map is based in bespoke rooms on TCS site with views over to Woodlands.


The Map pupils are on Woodlands School roll. Staff are employed by Woodlands. They work within TCS based in The Map rooms whilst also accessing mainstream lessons as appropriate. Provision for their individual needs includes specific, specialist interventions and support.

Referrals for The Map are made through the LA with places agreed in consultation with both schools. Section I of the EHCP names Woodlands School as the placement. Criteria for consideration for admission are as follows:

  • The pupil has an EHCP and communication and interaction needs (SLCN, ASD), and is aged between 11-16 years.
  • The pupil is academically and socially able to benefit from the partnership provision and achieve rapid progress by being there.
  • The pupil has cognitive capacity to access mainstream lessons.
  • The pupil has enough emotional regulation to be able to cope with limited access to the mainstream environment.
  • Where the pupil has been unable to take up any integration opportunities in their initial year, the appropriateness of the provision will be reconsidered at the pupil’s next Annual Review or sooner if required.

In summary, a Map pupil has the ability to achieve academically in a mainstream setting; they are not eligible for a special school place. However, their SEND prevents them from being able to fully participate in a mainstream school; they would benefit from the specialist support provided by special school staff and environment.