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Nurture Provision at Woodlands

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Hannah Potter
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Hannah Potter Lisa Pallister

At Woodlands school we are very proud to have a specialist nurture provision  The bespoke space has been designed to allow the feel of a home whilst still having the convenience of a class room  The space feels like a home giving the students a safe and secure space that they can relax in whilst gaining vital tools that will help with their social and emotional skills, wellbeing and behaviour. Each student that accesses nurture will receive 4 sessions a week (2x morning & 2x afternoon) and they will access nurture for an average of 2-4 terms. The groups are kept small and will have no more than 7 students in at any time allowing this bespoke provision to work efficiently as possible. This will give the students the space and time to developed and grow.

The nurturing approach offers a range of opportunities for children and young people to engage, develop,and grow thier early nurturing experiences. This gives them the social and emotional skills to do well at school and with peers, developes thier resilience and thier capacity to deal more confidently with the trails and tribulations of life, for life.
All staff in nurture have had training delivered by the Wariwkchsire Educational Psychologist support in regards to running a nurture based provision.
We have a classroom that has been built to purpose, including a bathroom, kitchen, living room section, dinner table area and outdoor space. We call it The Orchard and our groups are called Apples and Pears. 
Monitoring and Assessment is done via Boxhall profiles being completed prior to the pupils attending the group and during the sessions for up to date progress. 
The 6 principles of nurture provision are: