School Council

Welcome to the Woodlands School Council page, here you will be able to see all of the amazing things our School Council does. The School Council is a representative group of students who have been proposed and elected by their peers to represent their views and raise issues with the Senior Managers and Governors within Woodlands School.

"The School Council have reformed this academic year. We are focusing on roles to aid employability alongside assisting with the moving forward of pupil voice and values of Woodlands School". - Wendy Carey (School council lead)

Meet the School Council

School Council
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Aiden Owyn Wayne Callum Michael Rose
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Muhammed Ethan Rachel Shay Shaun Daniel
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Lucian Bradley Sam

School Council Information

Job Roles within the School council

Interview Panel As part of the employment process some staff may be interviewed by the School Council Interview Panel, pupils will ask relevent questions to the candidate verbally and others will use a communication device.
Little Pickers Helping to keep the School and School grounds tidy.
Primary Recycling
Secondary Recycling
Future First Recycling
Safety around School Helping to report problems regarding safety, pupils can escalate issues to the Site Team if equipment is broken or something needs to be repaired.

School Council Rules

School council members need to abide by the School rules, any representitive that continues to break School rules will be removed from the council and replaced by another student in their tutor group.

  • No Swearing
  • Pupils to be well behaved in and out of School, remember you are a representitive of your School
  • No bullying
  • Be polite
  • Respect your School and your friends
  • Positive teamwork/friendships