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Future First is a destination led curriculum for MLD learners from year 10 and above. Students in future first study functional skill qualifications including English, Maths, ICT at entry level up to level 1. They complete coursework for ASDAN employability and PSD. This year students have chosen vocational subjects to follow...

These include:

- Digital Media

- Animal Care

- Construction

- Catering & Hospitality

- PE

Student Businesses

The Future first runs a few student led businesses that introduce working environments and real life situations. Students are able to learn ICT skills through E-commerce and interactions with customers and clients. Below are our Student led businesses.


Our aim is to raise money for our school by selling products that we have up cycled, our students have spent their lessons renovating, painting, waxing and sanding. We hope you like our range.

Click on the folowing links to visit our Student business pages


Paul McAndrew: Mcandrew.p@welearn365.com

Laser Blazer

Laser blazer
Paul McAndrew: Mcandrew.p@welearn365.com

Soup Kitchen (Peak Cafe)

Jamie Smith: smith.j4@welearn365.com