Curriculum 1

Details of our Curriculum Programmes for this academic year (2021 - 2022) will be uploaded week beginning the 13th September 2021.

Woodlands Curriculum Pathways

For more information regarding the curriculum at Woodlands School please contact our Deputy Headteacher for Curriculum,
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Recovery Curriculum

Wellbeing for pupils
We recognise that pupils with SEND have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and so are continuing to prioritise pupils' safety, wellbeing and mental health as they return to school.
We use Class Dojo and the website to share videos with pupils to help them to familiarise with their staff and environments prior to returning in September. We also ask families to share with us any information that they feel is helpful we know to ease the transition for their children.
Pupils are supported to gently transition when back at school - we fully understand they may need to bring in key items from home to help them to feel safe and secure. Equally, they may need to videocall their families during the day or spend time in the playground or visiting their old classroom/ class staff. This is all part of the processing of the changes they are experiencing and will be supported by staff.
Our staff have had a wealth of training around wellbeing and mental health and so are confident in helping pupils to manage their feelings and sensory needs and supporting them to regulate before engaging them in learning activities. Our pupils need to feel safe and comfortable with the people around them and learning environments so that they feel ready to learn.
Classes are encouraged to spend the first week back in September focusing on building relationships with pupils and establishing class routines. There will be lots of opportunities to learn about feelings and safety and pupils will be helped to understand how to get help if they feel unsafe or if their feelings are too big to manage.

Laura Hyatt is the Designated Mental Health Lead for the school and is supported by the Pastoral team, who can provide resources, advice and support to staff and families. 

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