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One of our Y11 pupils, Mikey, has put together a video of Laura buying and delivering shopping for our families to encourage people to support the fundraiser and to understand why it is so important to us. Great job Mikey! 

Woodlands is OPEN from 1st June 2020. 

Please contact; 

Laura Hyatt if needed (Deputy Headteacher - Pastoral) on her work telephone number, 07585887178 or her email hyatt.l@welearn365.com. Laura will be checking these daily. 

Lizzie Godwin if needed (Assistant Headteacher) on her work telephone number, 07585887196 or her email godwin.e1@welearn365.com. Lizzie will be checking these daily. 

Iain Paterson if needed (Headteacher) on his work telephone number, 07585887195 or his email head7047@welearn365.com. Iain will be checking these daily. 

Welcome to the woodlands school website

If you would like to log a concern on our online form please do this by clicking the button here, this can be done anonymously.

Please be aware that concerns can be seen by the School Pastoral team (Laura Hyatt, Rachel Stokes and Michael Hoare).


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