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COVID-19 Related Documentation

We are currently not having any tours on site provided, please make use of the video tours on the website. 

If you would like to log a concern on our online form please do this by clicking the button here, this can be done anonymously.

Please be aware that concerns can be seen by the School Pastoral team (Laura Hyatt, Rachel Stokes and Michael Hoare).


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Hi all,
You may have spotted in Wednesday's SENDactive Partner School Update (November) that we are relaunching the SENDactive at Home series of activity cards.
As we are now into the second national lockdown, it is important that the young people with whom we all work are able to keep physically active outside of the school environment. We are also aware that some young people will be isolating at home, and so will be spending a considerable amount of time sedentary.
Young people and their families (as well as schools) will be able to access a weekly activity card including a number of activities that can be safely undertaken at home with everyday items.
I am pleased to share with you Activity Card 1 of the SENDactive at Home series. Please find a copy of this attached.
The card is also accessible at the following...
All resources are publicly available and there will be no need to sign-in to the Partner School Dashboard.

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