Forest School

Our Forest School Teacher has moved onto Pastures new, currently we have no Forest School Teacher, but we are training up a new teacher to this position, as soon as their training is completed we will reinstate Forest School into our curriculum. 
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Early Years 

In Early Years learners are discovering their natural surroundings, collecting sticks, manipulating sticks, becoming curious about creepy crawlies and taking part in water and mud play activities. Learners have done lots of work using a hammer to nail golf tees into the ground and in pumpkins.

Key Stage One 

In Key Stage One learners are discovering their natural setting, relaxing in the hammock, climbing trees, digging in the mud patch, creating tree faces to watch over the forest school area and creating mud pies in the mud kitchen.

Key Stage Two 

In Key Stage Two pupils have learnt about fire safety, how to make a fire and cook on a fire, tool safety and usage, creating dens and fairy houses.